TavernerPOS - Introduction

Open source EPOS for pubs and bars

Taverner POS is a free and open-source point of sale software system for use in public houses, bars and clubs. Touch screen operated the software offers backoffice management, menu modifiers, reporting, kitchen printers, manager facilities, multiple terminals, point of sale hardware support and cash terminal support.

The TavernerPOS suite is a fork of Floreant POS, aimed at simplifying and streamlining work in public house and bar environments rather than larger restautants, and makes use of Floreant POS's  'TAKE OUT' ticket method for sales across the bar.  This can be renamed to suit individual taste and requirements, for example 'Bar sales' from the configuration dialog menu. Other ticket types can still be used if required.

Taverner POS offers key features that extend what Floreant POS offers, such as:-

  • Automatic saving/restoring of bartenders' last open ticket; this supports multiple bar-tenders in a fast moving environment
  • Automatic opening of new tickets on sign in if none are present
  • Support for HID key fobs for login with the login screen appearing automatically on logout
  • Automatic closing of Order Summary (having finished a transaction) after a specified delay
  • Automatic filling of Card Authorisation Codes with timestamps for external terminals (rather than having to enter a receipt code which is  time consuming)
  • Blank buttons can be defined by using '-' (hyphen or dash) to assist in better layout of Inventory screens
  • Extending the working day by a number of hours for Bars with a late licence (for example extending opening by 2 hours to 2AM is included in the same working day's reporting) 

Taverner POS provides many fixes and additions to Floreant POS:-

  • Corrections to VAT inclusive prices so that VAT is calculated and reported correctly
  • Receipt ticket logo supported (jpeg format). Draw kick added to draw pull 
  • Resized reports/receipts for cheaper 58mm printers. UK localisation (in addition to other languages) 
  • Disabled automatic ticket receipt printing (so printed only when manually requested now)
  • Fixed receipt printing to print to a file on Linux rather than serial port thereby supporting more printers (i.e. USB receipt printers). Automatic clearing of the tendered amount when a new value is overtyped
  • Command line option to specify specific config file (-configFile)
  • "Delete All" button added so an unwanted ticket can be reused or a mistaken one cleared with a single strike
  • Shows the 'Server' (bartender) name by default in the Ticket List screen
  • Shows first and last names in Ticket List screens (in case bartenders have the same first name, you might want to just use an initial for the last name)
  • Automatic terminal numbering based on Mac address of device running the system (experimental - working on linux)

See the changelog for full details.

NB: TavernerPOS is provided AS IS and without warranty of any kind. Use is entirely at your own risk. No claims are made as to fitness for purpose. 


TavernerPOS is a java application and runs on Windows, Linux and OSX.

It is also possible to run the system through a web-browser using webswing. This enables tavernerPOS (or Floreant POS for that matter) to be used under Android or iOS (or anything else that supports a modern HTML5 browser) to support terminals on tablets.

TavernerPOS 'running' on a Windows Laptop,  an Android tablet, an Android Phone, an iPad and a Windows Tablet.


# Not able to change Restaurant Namekevin rowe 2016-05-19 04:16
Hi, i have downloaded your POS and it was lovely, however, i am not able to save the changes when i change the company name, am not seeing the OK button at the button, I do see it on floreantPOS but not on the taverner.....
Am i doing something wrong?
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# Not able to change Restaurant NameMatt Smith 2016-05-19 12:30
Hi Kevin,

It's working for me here on Windows 10 OK. Could you give me your operating system and possibly more importantly the screen resolution you are using and I'll try and reproduce it. (You can also edit the floreantpos.config.properties as a workaround).

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# RE: Not able to change Restaurant Namekevin rowe 2016-05-22 19:01
I am using both windows 7 and windows 8.1, the thing is, that when i goto configuration and RESTAURANT, there is no ok and cancel at the bottom for me to save the changes. i increase my resolution to max and still nothing is there, i even copy the same file from the floreantpos folder and paste it in the tavern folder and nothing happen, it just ask to resetup the database....
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# RE: Not able to change Restaurant NameMatt Smith 2016-05-22 19:12
Could you tell me what that maximum resolution is so I can reproduce.

Many Thanks,
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# RE: Not able to change Restaurant Name - FixMatt Smith 2016-06-01 00:39

I have added scroll-bars to the configuration pages. This should accommodate even the smallest resolutions. Thanks for your input.

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# How to manage inventory in this software?Inzamam 2016-06-28 08:41
There is no inventory management system in this software... What to do now?
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