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TavernerPOS - Documentation

Installation on Windows

TL;DR: Install Java – extract to working folder. Launch the batch file.

Download the latest build from the downloads section.

Ensure you have a recent version of java (I’m currently using version 8 Update 73) from http://www.java.com/.

Create a folder somewhere to put the files we are about to extract into. Call it something sensible like ‘tavernerPOS’.

Open the archive you just downloaded and extract the files from it into the folder.

Run the tavernerPOS.bat file. When first run the program will create a new ‘floreantpos.config.properties’ configuration file and be using the default sample database.

Installation on Linux

TL;DR: Install Java – extract to working folder. Launch the shell script.

Make sure you have a working java runtime installed. On my linux system (debian) I am using OpenJDK which reports it’s version as “1.7.0_91”. You can use Oracles VM if you prefer.

Download the current release from the downloads section:-

wget http://www.librarysmith.co.uk/downloads/tavernerPOS/tavernerPOS-current.zip

Create a folder to put the extracted file into.

mkdir /opt/tavernerPOS

for example.

Change directories to the newly created folder and unzip the downloaded archive to the folder.

cd /opt/tavernerPOS
unzip ~/taverner-POS-current.zip

(If you don’t have unzip installed, try something like apt-get install unzip on Ubuntu type systems).

Launch the ./tavernerPOS.sh shell script.


If it’s the first time you have used the software, have a play around with the sample data. Checkout Floreant Pos documentation for the key setup points.

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