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TavernerPOS - F.A.Q.

Q. What development environment should I use?

Up to you, but I use eclipse with maven and git.

Some useful stuff at a command prompt (linux):-

git clone http://www.librarysmith.co.uk/tavernerPOS .

Will get the source code.

mvn clean
mvn package

Will clean and build the package (using maven). The built zip file will be in the 'target' directory.


Q. How can I get in touch about something

Leave a comment 

or try:-

tavernerpos @ librarysmith.co.uk

I'll do my best to get back to you. 

If you have a suggestion I'd be glad to hear it. If you would like customization for your own system I'd be happy to discuss that.


Q. What licence does this use

See http://floreantpos.org/license.html

This is what Floreant POS uses.


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